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Are you engaged in a business related to elementary, middle and high school education?
We, Ingroup Exchange, are developing the education market with interest and passion for overseas education and domestic and international university entrance examinations.
We want to grow together as partners with you who lead us.
Ingroup Exchange provides high-quality services and infrastructure in line with customer needs and changes in the times
For elementary, middle, and high school students and adults with the best expertise by country, region, business, and field to provide to customers
We are looking for professionals and organizations for overseas education, training, university admissions, internships, travel and inbound programs.
We look forward to the participation of those who are interested in opening domestic and overseas regional centers of Ingroup Exchange, individual consultants, and marketing.

INGROUP Exchange

808 Union center Gangnamdaero 310 Seoul, Korea
Tel : +82 2 567 0662
Korean Universities and High School Placement:

KPOP-training, Camp, Shortstay, Student Exchange K-Beauty,
Culture & Korean Studies Fairs :

Countries & Partnership

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    Asians, North and South America, Europe and South Pacific

  • Partnership

    Student Exchange, Internships International fairs Sending agency, School, Accommodation suppliers Travel agency, Vlogger, You tuber, SNS Influencers

  • Program providers and network builders, Recruitment and Sales Agency, Non-profit organizations
  • We welcome youth, adult educational institutions, travel agencies, schools and related organizations around the world to interact with the programs we offer.

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