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Can you imagine?

Have you ever imagined interacting and experiencing culture at a Korean 

High School with local Korean students? 

Our Korean High School Experience program designed for foreign secondary students. 

From one month to half year, international students joined to

our Korean High School for studying and cultural exchanges.

This program provides real Korean High School experiences with Korean students 

such as school immersion, Korean cultures, Korean language class, trips, KPOP and activities. 

How to Process

Once applied our High School Experience program with payment, then our High School Placement team starts school processing. 

Our school has limited spots so we work first come first serve base . 

Because of not enough Korean language, we run Korean language class in the morning and afternoon classes, practices, activities with Korean students together. 

When application & registration confirmed, foreign students could apply K-eta visa which issues within 24 hours or could get a travel visa.  

If students want to study over half semester then should apply student visa. 

If any questions, please contact us!

Whatsapp  +82 10 5621 0662

Kakao Talk : INGROUP 

Instagram : @studyin.ingroup

E: info@in-group.org 

P: +82 (2) 567 0662 

W: www.voyagekorea.org 

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