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High school study abroad in Korea

Do you want to attend high school in Korea? Entering high school in Korea is more difficult than you imagine.

Enrolling or transferring into Korea's public and/or private high schools requires considerable know-how.

First of all, speaking Korean must reach a certain level, then persuade Korean school officials, and also collect a lot of information about each school.

Many complex documents must also be submitted in accordance with regulations.

There are very few Korean companies that can professionally solve this important of tasks. VOYAGE Korea and our family company, INGROUP Exchange, are the unique company with expertise in this field.

What's different?

You are already familiar with American J1 exchange program , but Korea's education system is mostly focusing on Academic.

As a foreigner, you need a lot of information and preparation about which school to choose and prepare for.

We, VOYAGE Korea and INGROUP Exchange, are experts in this field and have already placed many Asian students, and are improving and expanding our programs for students from Europe and the Americas.     We are doing our best not only to provide Korean language courses, 

but also to transfer and regular admission, and to safely monitoring students during the program.

Programs for Foreigners

We operating the Korean University Pathway program to enable students to enter famous Universities in Korea, including 

Korean High School Preparation, Korean Language Course.

It is the unique education company that operates in various fields such as activities, 

KPOP immersion, group training, and school tour, etc.

If you are interested in studying in Korea, please contact us to discuss.


Thank You! 




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Whatsapp  +82 10 5621 0662

Kakao Talk : INGROUP 

Instagram : @studyin.ingroup

E: info@in-group.org 

P: +82 (2) 567 0662 

W: voyagekorea.org 

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High school study abroad in KoreaDo you want to attend high school in Korea? Entering high school in Korea is more difficult than you imagine.Enrolling or trans . . .
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